Thursday, February 3, 2011


The library is a wonderful place to study, read and use the computers for homework. I use the library to study grammar on the computer and it is easy and convenient. People who work in the library are very helpful. Since I like read a lot, the library is quiet and also has private rooms to study. Another interesting place, is the learning center. Students can find all kind of resources in this place, too. I will use the library more often to do my homework. Students can ask for assistance any time, the service is excellent.Students also can utilize the private rooms for homework. My intention is to utilize the library more often since it's private and quiet.
The learning center can be quite noisy sometimes. I will encourage all students to use the Learning Center, and the library, both are excellent  resources of knowledge.

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  1. Raul, I am so glad that you make full use of the Library and Learning Center. The people who work in these areas enjoy helping students, and I'm sure they are glad you are there! Jeanne