Sunday, February 20, 2011

My Role Models

      During my lifetime I had a few important role models. From an early age, my parents were important in shaping my ideas and values. Another important person in my life was my grandfather. These three people taught me the important things in life, God, Country, and Honor. My grandfather also taught me the Protestant ethic, early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise. When I was an adult, I met my counselor in high school. We immediately connected with each other. Soon, he was sharing stories with me about his experiences as a pilot in the Air Force during World War II. Later in life, when I was choosing a career, I decided to follow in Mr. Turner's footsteps. All these people helped to mold me into the person that I am today.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Year of the Rat

    Every year Asians celebrate the Chinese New Year. They have been celebrating this holiday for thousands of years. Asians believe that every year is represented by an animal. This year is the Year of the Rabbit. I did some research on the year in which I was born and to my surprise I was born in the Year of the Rat. According to the Chinese, a person born in The Year of the Rat has many good qualities. These people are said to be charming and also attractive to the opposite sex. They work hard to achieve their goals, acquire possessions and like to be perfectionists. They are frugal and Rat people are easily angered. Their ambitions are big and they are usually very successful. Many famous people were born in The Year of the Rat. A few of these are Shakespeare, Winston Churchill, Jack London, George Bush I, and Wilt Chamberlain. These qualities are found by looking at the Chinese Horoscope,

Thursday, February 3, 2011


The library is a wonderful place to study, read and use the computers for homework. I use the library to study grammar on the computer and it is easy and convenient. People who work in the library are very helpful. Since I like read a lot, the library is quiet and also has private rooms to study. Another interesting place, is the learning center. Students can find all kind of resources in this place, too. I will use the library more often to do my homework. Students can ask for assistance any time, the service is excellent.Students also can utilize the private rooms for homework. My intention is to utilize the library more often since it's private and quiet.
The learning center can be quite noisy sometimes. I will encourage all students to use the Learning Center, and the library, both are excellent  resources of knowledge.